Khalil Rabah

Khalil Rabah. Photo by Mahmoud Safadi

Khalil Rabah was born in 1961 in Jerusalem.

Khalil Rabah’s practice draws on his vast involvement and background in architecture aiming to provide an alternative vision that challenges public perceptions and expectations. Using different methodologies, Rabah reflects on, and engages with, themes of displacement, memory, and identity, examining the relationship between humans and their surroundings, as well as the nature of global human suffering.

Rabah has been artistic director of Riwaq Biennale, Ramallah since 2005 and is the founder of The Palestinian Museum of Natural History and Humankid, and co-founder of Al Ma’mal Foundation for Contemporary Art, Jerusalem and ArtSchool Palestine, London. He also served on the advisory board of the Delfina Foundation, London, and the curricular committee of Ashkal Alwan Home Workspace Programme, Beirut.

The project Rabah is presenting at Manifesta 12 Palermo stems from his interest in Palermo’s markets, where objects come from different backgrounds and contexts enmeshing together to form a new sense of collective. Compelled by the architecture and communities of the markets, the artist will create an uncanny flea market at the Orto Botanico, where, like the formations of flora in the botanical garden itself, diverse objects and artefacts, assemblages and sculptures of similar items will come together presented in the already existing vitrines.