Marinella Senatore

Marinella Senatore. Photo by David Chalmers

Marinella Senatore was born in 1977 in Cava dé Tirreni, Italy.

Her artistic practice merges forms of protest with theatre, music, and cinema. Her performances, paintings and collages, installations, videos, photography, and sound pieces focus on “social themes and urban issues,” such as emancipation and equality, social structures, systems of aggregation, and labour conditions. In her works, communities shaped through music, dance, spectacle or protest are able to generate a potential for social change. Her work has been exhibited widely throughout Italy and abroad, including; La Triennale, Milan; Palazzo Grassi, Venice; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Queens Museum, NY.

At Manifesta 12 Palermo, Senatore presents Palermo Procession, a public performance, choreographic workshop, paintings and collages, video and photo installation. The Procession program includes a series of free workshops that will be open to everybody, without limit of age or previous experience in any field focused on the idea to develop through a collective process the creation of an active citizenship. The project draws entirely from Palermo’s public ceremonies, civil rituals, depicting the city as in continuous movement.