Becoming Garden, 2018

Coloco + Gilles Clément, Becoming Garden (2018), work on site, installation

Section: City on Stage

The creation of a garden in the ZEN district is based on a process of reactivation of an abandoned piece of land. Becoming Garden encourages local residents to care for their habitat, becoming gardeners and taking an active role in the realization of the project. The aim is to create conditions of soil fertility in order to host botanical biodiversity that will reveal the natural ability of plants to inspire solutions for the creation of cities that reflect greater respect for life. Becoming Garden explores ways of improving the life conditions in the Mediterranean environment that is impacted by an evolution of the climate that is already visible in the landscape. This will be a garden for the neighbourhood and the inhabitants of Palermo who can contribute to its making.
The representation of Becoming Garden will be on view at Palazzo Costantino.