Cristina Lucas

Born in Jaen, Spain in 1973, Cristina Lucas uses performance, happenings, video, photography, installation, drawing and painting to focus on the irrationality of human activities and to contrast traditionally conflicting concepts such as reality and fiction. Her works analyze the main political and economic structures of our time in an effort to reveal the contradictions between the official story, the true story and collective memory. She enjoys challenging historical, social, political and cultural clichés and takes a critical stand on issues such as the position of women, Western domination and humankind’s ambition to control nature. Her work can be seen in many European museums, including Musac in León and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Unending Lightning, 2015 – ongoing
Video installation

The ancient dream of flying became a reality in 1903. The first airplane flight took place in 1909, while the first aerial bombing occurred in 1911 in the Italo-Turkish War, and there has been an infinite series of air attacks ever since. Unending Lightning is a three-channel video installation showing all the aerial bombing of civilian areas. Over the last five years, a number of research groups have created a database with information on the dynamics of such civilian massacres. Lucas’ installation draws from materials made available by those groups.