Collateral Events

We are thrilled to open the submission procedure for the Manifesta 12 Collateral Events.

Collateral Events are a specific invitation for cultural organizations and professionals to make a proposal for a project to take place alongside Manifesta 12 and benefit from Manifesta’s international reach and visitors. Collateral Events are not part of the main biennial program, but receive full communication support from Manifesta 12. They are extensively featured, associated with and promoted across both digital and analogue channels of Manifesta 12 including website, guidebook, social, app and a special map for collateral events.

Who can participate:
Projects can be proposed by private and public institutions, non-profit organisations and professionals.

The selected projects will not receive any funds from Manifesta 12. Manifesta 12 will provide digital and analogue communication support.

The projects will be evaluated and selected by a dedicated jury, formed by international and local arts professionals.

Projects have to take place in the city of Palermo. Relevant proposals taking place in other cities of Sicily will be considered.

Schedule for submission:
The proposals can be sent in two deadline rounds:

  • First Deadline 30 November 2017
  • Second Deadline 15 January 2018

The results will be published on the website. The selected institutions/organizations/artists will also be notified by written confirmations.

Project selection criteria:

  • Taking place in Palermo and Sicily
  • Taking place in the same period as the Manifesta 12 biennial (16 June 2018 – 04 November 2018)
  • In line with the high-quality standards of Manifesta
  • An interdisciplinary cultural project
  • Sound financing plan and feasibility
  •  The link to the biennial concept is not a criterion

Manifesta 12 reserves the right to include also other projects in the Collateral Events program. This could include projects from Palermo-based institutions and projects from the program of Palermo Italian Capital of Culture 2018.

Apply now
To submit your proposal, you need to send the following documents to:

Manifesta 12 Collateral Events are part of our parallel events platform along with Manifesta 12 5x5x5 program. Click here to learn about 5x5x5. Click here for general overview of how to participate in Manifesta 12.

For further information on selected projects, click on the button below.

Manifesta 12 Collateral Events