Film Screening at M12 Garden: ‘ZEN. Story of A Misrepresented Town District’

On Tuesday 10 July 2018 at 9pm, in the beautiful setting of the garden by designed COLOCO& Gilles Clément for Manifesta 12 ‘The Planetary Garden’, and created in collaboration with ZEN Insieme and local residents, there will be the screening of the film ‘ZEN. Story of A Misrepresented Town District’.

An introduction to the film will be made by: Leoluca Orlando, Mayor of Palermo, Professor Giuseppe Barbera, and the director Anna Reiter.

Title: ZEN. Story of A Misrepresented Town District
Year: 2013
Length: 47′
Director: Anna Reiter
Director of photography: Carmelo Scordi
Editor: Letizia Caudullo

The Social Housing district ZEN in Palermo is sadly famous as one of the most dangerous and unliveable neighbourhoods in Italy. During the sixties of last century and after a terrible earthquake the shortage of housing was translated in the sudden sprawl of neighbourhoods made of concrete boxes, lack of urban infrastructures and consequent social unrest. The only ones to benefit were speculators, landowners and mafia’s contractors. ZEN. Story of A Misrepresented Town District tells the story of this marginal area, its yesterday’s and today’s inhabitants and their movement to improve residents’ quality of life, which put into practice forms of power and organization alternative to the State – effectively absent in ZEN.

The film is in Italian. The event is free, no booking required.