Fluchthelfer.in. Become an Escape Agent, 2015

The Peng! CollectiveFluchthelfer.in. Become an Escape Agent (2015), video

Section: Out of Control Room

The Peng! Collective launched a campaign that would promote the idea of helping refugees cross the internal EU borders, e.g. by giving refugees a lift to Germany when driving back from holiday. Drawing a parallel with recent German history and focusing on Fluchthelfer (escape agents), who risked their lives to help people escape from the former DDR, the project issues a call for civil disobedience in favour of refugees who are denied the basic right to move freely in Europe. The Peng! Collective provided information on how to proceed and to minimise the risk of legal prosecution, and started a crowdfunding campaign that would help current Fluchthelfer facing legal consequences for their act of civil disobedience. The video is on view at Palazzo Forcella De Seta.