Giardino di giardini. Azioni sulla Costa Sud, 2018

Roberto CollovàGiardino di giardini. Azioni sulla Costa Sud (2018), intervention in public space, mixed media installation

Section: City on Stage

The project examines the changes in the geography of the coast from 1950 to 1980. The practice of dumping into the sea materials from demolition and excavation of the northward expansion created artificial promontories and wide beaches of debris along the entire coast. The catastrophe has continued with enormous maritime developments. Along the five kilometres of the southern coast the local tradition of the baths had to be interrupted due to the toxic contamination of the water and the dangers lurking on the seabed. The two coasts – one visible, the other buried – mingle in a single strip of new land.

As part of the project, a traditional illumination, Ponte Luminaria,  indicates the span of the historic railway bridge on stone pylons on the Oreto river in the Southern Coast of Palermo. The bridge-shaped installation has been built with remnants of Sicilian ‘Luminarie’, big structures with coloured lights used as adornment in Sicilian cities and villages during religious festivities. Ponte Luminaria is located in via Messina Marine, Palermo.

The representation of Giardino di giardini. Azioni sulla Costa Sud is on view at Palazzo Costantino.

The wunderkammer and workspace in Palazzo Costantino also hosts an artist book in which the architect freely collects concepts, objects, descriptions, statements, notes, installations and proposals for the Southern coast of Palermo. The hand-made book consists of 64 pages in A5 format, and is available in the limited edition of 50 copies, all signed by the author. If you are interested in the booklet, please contact the author at