Interspecies | 2-4 November 2018

Interspecies comes to close the Manifesta 12 programme of public events, presenting a final line of enquiry that looks at the uncertain future of late and post-Anthropocene eras. The multimedia and participatory events aim at taking into consideration the new and different agencies of those non-human actors – animals, environment, plants, geological domains – which share the planet with human beings and for whose destiny new forms of shared accountability are now being negotiated.

Gilles Clement’s Planetary Garden once more constitutes an inspiration, with its vision of the planet as a trans-scalar garden in which politics configures as the practice of mutual caring between different forms of nature. In the 21st Century more fragile planetary gardens are facing unprecedented challenges, threatened by potentially devastating environmental, social and climatic changes and shifts. No longer a place for dreaming or attempting the late 20th Century utopian ambition of universal harmony, but rather a battleground to experiment with new modes of coexistence. The world of today demands from human agents a higher level of awareness of and intimacy with external, non-human agents, in order to adapt to uncertain conditions and grant their own survival.

Scientists, activists, theorists, visual and performance artists are invited to come together and discuss life and resistance in the upcoming decades, presenting interweaving perspectives that span from botany to ecology, from philosophy to visual culture. The final segment of Manifesta 12 Public Programme hopes to define the legacy of the biennial, starting from Palermo, to unfold a path of investigation in communal practices of caring in the planetary garden of tomorrow.