James Bridle

James Bridle was born in London in 1980 and lives and works in Athens, Greece. His work focuses on the relationship between the arts and new technologies and deals with the ways in which the digital world touches the physical, analogue world. His research has explored aspects of the Western security system, including drones and the deportation of asylum seekers. Bridle collaborates with Wired, Domus, and many other publications, and writes a column on publishing and technology for the daily paper The Observer.

Citizen Ex (2015)
Mixed media

Citizen Ex is an installation that uses a specially conceived algorithm to show us the path made by the information – both input and output – generated each time we access the Internet. It thus deals with a very relevant topic: the storage and traceability of the data used by individuals, companies, and technologies in different countries and jurisdictions. Citizen Ex shows the places where all this takes place and demonstrates how digital actions and virtual architectures redefine geography and so-called Algorithmic Citizenship.