Jordi Colomer

Jordi Colomer, born in Barcelona in 1962, is a Spanish artist who works in the field of sculpture, video-art and installations. At the heart of his work is the investigation of space: physical and real space and the space of performance and representation overlap in the mise-en-scène of the work, producing an experience defined by the artist as “expanded theatre”. Colomer explores the Utopian nature of town planning in large cities, but at the same time presents the dystopic decadence and alienation connected to architecture: the existing space is also made up of disorder and entropy. His works have been exhibited in international museums including the Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), the Museo Reina Sofia (Madrid), the MUMOK (Vienna) and the MACBA (Barcelona).

New Palermo Felicissima, 2018
Performance, video installation

For this project Jordi Colomer has created a lay procession on boats in the sea, setting out from the Caletta Sant’Erasmo and heading along the South Coast. On board are exponents of the various communities of the city of Palermo. A video shows the route, whose various stages are described in texts specially written by the Palermo-born writer Roberto Alajmo. In urban terms, Caletta Sant’Erasmo is composed of a series of old buildings and historic architectures in a state of partial abandonment, new buildings in the outskirts, a small beach, and a quay for small ships. A combination of heterogeneous elements which allows us to define the area as a place that is suspended, but at the same time capable of serving as a territorial intermediary.