Masbedo is an artistic duo formed of Nicolò Massazza (1973, Milan) and Jacopo Bedogni (1970, Sarzana). The two artists live in Milan, and have worked together since 1999. Interested in the theme of incommunicability and the relation between the production of the image and the communication society, over the years Masbedo have focused on the pictorial aspects of video and the involvement of the spectator in the environmental installations that their art shapes in different ways. One of the results of this research is the production of video-performances that aim to include the spectator in the space of the video and of the creative gesture. Their solo and collective exhibitions have been held in private and public institutional spaces and film festivals, including Museo Mart (Rovereto), MADRE (Naples), MAXXI (Rome), Fondazione Merz (Turin), Gropius Bau (Berlin), Art Basel (Hong Kong), Giornate degli Autori della 69. the Venice International Film Festival, and the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival.

Videomobile, 2018
Multimedia installation

Videomobile is an old van turned into a ‘video-cart’ which presents on its screens the locations of film-sets in Palermo, investigating the history of the city, with a special focus on themes such as the dynamics of power. Videomobile thus becomes a moving laboratory that acts as a workspace and also serves as a stage for performances that will take place during the period of the Biennale at venues such as the State Archive, the Arena Sirenetta in Mondello and the Monte Pellegrino. When parked, the van becomes an interactive video installation housed in the atrium of Palazzo Costantino, with monitors and screens that act as a narrative device. Through this project, produced in collaboration with the Regional Film Library of the State Archives of Palermo, the Sicilian Film Commission and the National Film Archive in Rome, Masbedo aims to bring video performance to the streets of Palermo, concentrating on the tradition of early film, when traveling cinemas projected films from vans.