Manifesta 12 Meet Up

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Manifesta 12 Meet Up is a series of informal events organised by Manifesta 12 team. Part of the pre-biennial programme Aspettando Manifesta 12 currently on view at Teatro Garibaldi, M12 Meet Up aims at making Manifesta 12 research process transparent and available for people of Palermo to engage with.

From November 2017 till the end of Aspettando Manifesta 12, artists and participants invited to visit Palermo for research are asked to engage in informal conversations with students, art amateurs, social associations and different groups of the city. The purpose is, on one hand, to offer citizens of Palermo some insights into the artist’s practice and research, while helping stimulate their imagery on what Manifesta 12 could be about. On the other hand, M12 Meet Up helps the artist and the team to engage with local collaborators for the development of their artistic project.

3rd M12 Meet Up: with Uriel Orlow
Thursday 30 November, 7pm, at Teatro Garibaldi 
Uriel Orlow lives and works in London and Zurich. His practice is research-based, process-oriented and multi-disciplinary including film, photography, drawing and sound. He is known for single screen film works, lecture performances and modular, multi-media installations that focus on specific locations and micro-histories and bring different image-regimes and narrative modes into correspondence. His work is concerned with spatial manifestations of memory, blind spots of representation and forms of haunting.

For the third M12 Meet Up, Uriel Orlow will discuss his major new body of work Theatrum Botanicum, an ongoing research project which looks to the botanical world as a stage for politics at large through film, photography, installation and sound. Theatrum Botanicumconsiders plants as both witnesses and actors in history, and highlights botanical nationalism and other legacies of colonialism, plant migration and invasion, biopiracy, and flower diplomacy during apartheid.

Following Manifesta 12 Meet-Up with Uriel Meet Up, an aperitif will be served at Caffe Letterario Garibaldi at a special discounted price.
The event will be mainly in English.

Copyright Uriel Orlow

2nd M12 Meet Up: with Alberto Baraya
Wednesday 22 November, 6pm, at Teatro Garibaldi 
Through photography, video, found objects, and drawings, Alberto Baraya (Bogotà, 1968) analyses and at the same time parodies colonial exploitation and its echoes in contemporary global exchange. Since 2001, he has defined himself as a “viajero”, referring to 18th- and 19th-century European travellers who undertook botanical explorations in the name of science and in the service of colonization. Over the past years, Alberto Baraya has created a ‘Herbarium of Artificial Plants’, an ongoing archival project that re-elaborates on the scientific journeys in the Americas made by European Royal Societies during the 18th and 19th century. The artist is particularly interested in the way the flora and fauna of certain countries have been recollected, dissected, classified and framed as a non-European nature by such studies.

In this meeting, together with the students and art amateurs of Palermo, Alberto will discuss the relationship people have with the way nature has been represented, but also the way certain everyday plants transform and affect the development of human relations.

Following Manifesta 12 Meet-Up with Alberto Baraya, an aperitif will be served at Caffe Letterario Garibaldi.
The event will be in English, and will be live-streamed on Manifesta Biennial Facebook account.

Copyright Alberto Baraya
Copyright Alberto Baraya

1st M12 Meet Up: with Leone Contini
Tuesday 14 November, 6pm, at Teatro Garibaldi 
The research of Leone Contini (Florence, 1976) mainly focuses on intercultural frictions, conflicts and power relations, displacement, migration and diasporas, and on how all these issues change the anthropological and botanic landscape of the context he is working on. His practice borrows the tools of contemporary anthropology in order to short-circuit the spheres of common feelings and significance through the use of lecture performances, collective interventions in public space, texts and audio-visual narratives, blogging and self-publishing.

In this meeting, Leone will discuss with students and art amateurs from Palermo the intrinsically hybrid genealogy of Sicilian plants and in particular of ‘cucuzza’, a long and cucumber-shaped summer vegetable that is typical of the island and particularly significant within the traditional Sicilian culinary culture.

Following Manifesta 12 Meet-Up  with Leone Contini, an aperitif with cucuzza-inspired drinks and food will be served at Caffe Letterario Garibaldi with a special discounted price.

Copyright by Leone Contini

Copyright by Leone Contini

Copyright by Leone Contini