Manifesta 12 Meet Up

Cooking Sections, CLIMAVORE: On Tidal Zones, 2017. Commissioned by Atlas Arts, Isle of Skye. Copyright Cooking Sections

Manifesta 12 Meet Up is a series of informal events organised by Manifesta 12 team. Part of the pre-biennial programme Aspettando Manifesta 12 currently on view at Teatro Garibaldi, M12 Meet Up aims at making Manifesta 12 research process transparent and available for people of Palermo to engage with.
From November 2017 till the end of Aspettando Manifesta 12, artists and participants invited to visit Palermo for research are asked to engage in informal conversations with students, art amateurs, social associations and different groups of the city. The purpose is, on one hand, to offer citizens of Palermo some insights into the artist’s practice and research, while helping stimulate their imagery on what Manifesta 12 could be about. On the other hand, M12 Meet Up helps the artist and the team to engage with local collaborators for the development of their artistic project.

7th M12 Meet Up: with Cooking Sections
Thursday 22 February, 7pm, at Teatro Garibaldi 
Cooking Sections (Daniel Fernández Pascual & Alon Schwabe) is a duo of spatial practitioners based out of London. It was born to explore the systems that organize the world through food. Using installation, performance, mapping and video, their research-based practice explores the overlapping boundaries between visual arts, architecture and geopolitics. They have recently stated: <<Our work deals with the invention of the “exotic”; subjective definitions of “natural”, “native”, and “alien”; sun-oriented migrations; speculation, creation of value; and bankruptcy. We eat according to climatic events; and sometimes we do cook>>.

In the 7th M12 Meet Up, Cooking Sections discuss one of their long-term project, Climavore (2015). Both an installation and a performance, Climavore sets out to envision seasons of food production and consumption that react to man-induced climatic events and landscape alterations. Different from the now obsolete Eurocentric cycle of spring, summer, autumn and winter, Climavore rethinks the construction of space and infrastructure by focusing on how climate alterations offer a new set of clues to adapt our diet to them. Unexpected climatic phenomena, like subsidence, flash floods or drought, may span minutes, days, months, years or centuries. Climavore is then proposed as a form of devouring following their effects on anthropogenic landscapes.

Unlike carnivore, omnivore, locavore, vegetarian or vegan, Climavore is not only about the origin of ingredients, but also about the agency that those ingredients have in providing spatial and infrastructural responses to man-induced climatic events for a certain period of time. At the core is to embrace a flexible form of eating, shifting for instance to drought resistant crops in a period of water scarcity or filter feeders during times of polluted or acidified waters. Framing our diet within a globally financialised landscape and challenging large-scale agribusiness groups dictating what is to be produced and consumed, the notion of Climavore critically questions the geopolitical implications behind the making of climate alterations and the pressures they enforce on humans and nonhumans alike.

The event is free and will be mainly in English. It will also be live-streamed on Manifesta Biennial Facebook page. Afterwards, an aperitif will be served at Caffè Letterario Garibaldi at a special price.

For further information on Cooking Sections:

Cooking Sections, CLIMAVORE: On Tidal Zones, 2017. Commissioned by Atlas Arts, Isle of Skye. Image: Nick Middleton

6th M12 Meet Up: with Jordi Colomer
Wednesday 7 February, 7pm, at Teatro Garibaldi 
Centring on photography, video and the staging of both in exhibition areas, Jordi Colomer (Barcelona, 1962) explores the urban space and the way modern cities influence the human behaviour. His works befit a kind of ‘expanded theatre’ through constructed situations that allow the spectator to assess his/her relationship with the works, and his/her role in and before these. Throughout his career, video progressively became his favourite medium, although often his productions are screened in spaces designed by the artist.

In many works the isolated actions of a character, or a group, condense reflection (but not without a degree of absurd humour) on the possibilities of poetic survival offered by the contemporary metropolis.  Highly representative of the artist’ practice is the work ¡Únete! Join Us!, presented for the first time last year at the Spanish Pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia. The work is an “installation of installations” composed by a series of videos, sculptures and the space itself understood as a total but provisional architecture.

For the 6th M12 Meet Up, Jordi Colomer will discuss his practice and research, and will screen some recent projects. The  Spanish artist will also give his thoughts about Palermo, and will explain how the city can nurture the development of his work.

The event will be mainly in Italian and will be live-streamed on Manifesta Biennial Facebook page.
Afterwards, an aperitif will be served at Caffè Letterario Garibaldi at a special price.

For more information on the artist, please visit

M12 Meet Up with Jordi Colomer. Copyright Manifesta
M12 Meet Up with Jordi Colomer
Jordi Colomer. Anarchitekton Brasilia. 2003. Copyright Jordi Colomer

5th M12 Meet Up: with Alexey Buldakov
Wednesday 24 January, 7pm, at Teatro Garibaldi 
Urban Fauna Laboratory is an interdisciplinary project initiated in 2011 in Moscow by artists Alexey Buldakov and Anastasia Potemkina. It is dedicated to the observation and description of the interspecies networking in human designed landscapes. Cities, built by humans and for humans, serve as natural reservoir for multiple alien life forms learning from each other. The Laboratory provides cross-disciplinary case studies on parasitic and symbiotic relationships and mutual adaptation in urban environments, focussing in particular on invasive animals and plants.

Alexey Buldakov (b. 1980) has been invited by Manifesta team to conduct research in Palermo for his keen interest in spontaneous generation of life, interspecies altruism, “dissipative sculptures”, dovecote/roost studies. Questioning the contemporary dehumanised anthropogenic landscape and particularly investigating how this is affecting the principle of spontaneous generation of life, his research-driven projects take the form of proposals for sculptural and architectural interventions in public spaces, site-specific installations and exhibitions that function as research laboratories.

For the 5th Manifesta 12 Meet Up, Alexey Buldakov proposes to discuss with the citizens of Palermo the spontaneous generation of the local urban fauna. The artist aims at collecting people’s observations of the urban fauna inhabiting the Sicilian capital, and at offering them back his own experiences as these have been documented and explored in his recent projects and studies.

The event will be mainly in English, and will be live streamed on Manifesta Biennial Facebook account. Following the event, an aperitif will be offered by Caffe Letterario Garibaldi at a special price.

Copyright Urban Fauna Laboratory
M12 Meet Up w/ Alexey Buldakov. Copyright Manifesta

4th M12 Meet Up: with Fallen Fruit
Tuesday 19 December, 6pm, at Teatro Garibaldi 
Fallen Fruit is an art collaboration originally conceived in 2004 by David Burns, Matias Viegener and Austin Young. Since 2013, David and Austin have continued the collaborative work. Fallen Fruit began by mapping fruit trees growing on public property in Los Angeles. The collaboration has expanded to include serialized public projects and site-specific installations and happenings in various cities around the world. By always working with fruit as a material or media, the catalogue of projects and works reimagines public interactions with the margins of urban space, systems of community and narrative real-time experience. Fallen Fruit’s visual work includes an ongoing series of narrative photographs, wallpapers, everyday objects and video works that explore the social and political implications of our relationship with fruit and world around us.

For the 4th of Manifesta 12 Meet Up Fallen Fruit will talk about their research-driven practice and explain how Palermo’s peculiar landscapes are nurturing and influencing it. The Los Angeles-based collective will provide examples of their interdisciplinary approach by discussing with the public some of their past works, like Public Fruit Jams (2006-present) which invites a broad public to transform home-grown or public fruit and join in communal jam-making.

The event will be mainly in English, and will be live-streamed on Manifesta Biennial Facebook account.
Following Manifesta 12 Meet Up with Fallen Fruit, an aperitif with Sicilian fruit-inspired drinks will be served at the enchanting Caffe Letterario Garibaldi.

Copyright Fallen Fruit
M12 Meet Up with Fallen Fruit. Copyright Manifesta

3rd M12 Meet Up: with Uriel Orlow
Thursday 30 November, 7pm, at Teatro Garibaldi 
Uriel Orlow lives and works in London and Zurich. His practice is research-based, process-oriented and multi-disciplinary including film, photography, drawing and sound. He is known for single screen film works, lecture performances and modular, multi-media installations that focus on specific locations and micro-histories and bring different image-regimes and narrative modes into correspondence. His work is concerned with spatial manifestations of memory, blind spots of representation and forms of haunting.

For the third M12 Meet Up, Uriel Orlow will discuss his major new body of work Theatrum Botanicum, an ongoing research project which looks to the botanical world as a stage for politics at large through film, photography, installation and sound. Theatrum Botanicum considers plants as both witnesses and actors in history, and highlights botanical nationalism and other legacies of colonialism, plant migration and invasion, biopiracy, and flower diplomacy during apartheid.

Following Manifesta 12 Meet-Up with Uriel Orlow, an aperitif will be served at Caffe Letterario Garibaldi at a special discounted price.
The event will be mainly in English.

Copyright Uriel Orlow
M12 Meet Up with Uriel Orlow. Copyright Manifesta.

2nd M12 Meet Up: with Alberto Baraya
Wednesday 22 November, 6pm, at Teatro Garibaldi 
Through photography, video, found objects, and drawings, Alberto Baraya (Bogotà, 1968) analyses and at the same time parodies colonial exploitation and its echoes in contemporary global exchange. Since 2001, he has defined himself as a “viajero”, referring to 18th- and 19th-century European travellers who undertook botanical explorations in the name of science and in the service of colonization. Over the past years, Alberto Baraya has created a ‘Herbarium of Artificial Plants’, an ongoing archival project that re-elaborates on the scientific journeys in the Americas made by European Royal Societies during the 18th and 19th century. The artist is particularly interested in the way the flora and fauna of certain countries have been recollected, dissected, classified and framed as a non-European nature by such studies.

In this meeting, together with the students and art amateurs of Palermo, Alberto will discuss the relationship people have with the way nature has been represented, but also the way certain everyday plants transform and affect the development of human relations.

Following Manifesta 12 Meet-Up with Alberto Baraya, an aperitif will be served at Caffe Letterario Garibaldi.
The event will be in English, and will be live-streamed on Manifesta Biennial Facebook account.

Copyright Alberto Baraya
M12 Meet Up with Alberto Baraya. Copyright Manifesta

1st M12 Meet Up: with Leone Contini
Tuesday 14 November, 6pm, at Teatro Garibaldi 
The research of Leone Contini (Florence, 1976) mainly focuses on intercultural frictions, conflicts and power relations, displacement, migration and diasporas, and on how all these issues change the anthropological and botanic landscape of the context he is working on. His practice borrows the tools of contemporary anthropology in order to short-circuit the spheres of common feelings and significance through the use of lecture performances, collective interventions in public space, texts and audio-visual narratives, blogging and self-publishing.

In this meeting, Leone will discuss with students and art amateurs from Palermo the intrinsically hybrid genealogy of Sicilian plants and in particular of ‘cucuzza’, a long and cucumber-shaped summer vegetable that is typical of the island and particularly significant within the traditional Sicilian culinary culture.

Following Manifesta 12 Meet-Up  with Leone Contini, an aperitif with cucuzza-inspired drinks and food will be served at Caffe Letterario Garibaldi with a special discounted price.

Copyright by Leone Contini
M12 Meet Up with Leone Contini. Copyright Manifesta.