Memorie in Rima – Magione Community Project

Copyright Manifesta. Photo by Paolo Castronovo.

Memorie in Rima – Magione Community Project is a project devised by the Manifesta 12 Education Department, and realised in collaboration with Italian rapper and social worker Christian “Picciotto”. The project aims at gathering and composing collective memories of the residents of piazza Magione, situating the recently reopened Teatro Garibaldi in the neighbourhood and instigating active participation of the community.

Magione In Rima – La Festa con Christian “Picciotto”
Thursday 31 May, 7:30 pm, at Teatro Garibaldi

On Thursday 31 May, at Teatro Garibaldi di Palermo, there will be Magione In Rima – La Festa, a celebrative event to present the exhibition of memorabilia of the families collaborating in the project, as well as to live perform for the first time in public the song written by Memory Crew. Following the event, a concert by Christian Picciotto GSP.

The project engages two target groups: students of the Magione-based Amari-Roncalli-Ferrara primary school, and the families living in the neighbourhood. In the last months, Christian Picciotto has organised and run a music laboratory with the students (similarly to his previous work during the Schools in Tandem project organised by Manifesta 12 last May), this way giving life to a new band called Memory Crew. This band has written and recorded a new track, with lyrics inspired by the history of piazza Magione. Simultaneously, Picciotto has been collaborating with the families living in piazza Magione, listening and collecting their personal stories, photographs and ephemera in order to trace the complex history of the entire neighbourhood.

Below the programme of Thursday, 31 May 2018:

  • 19:30 Meeting with the families and opening of the exhibition
  • 20:30 Screening of the video “S.P.A.R.O. / immagini inedite di una storia collettiva”
  • 21:00 Screening of the video “Magione in rima” with the families of piazza Magione
  • 21:15  Live performance of the song “Dejavù”  by Memory Crew
  • 21:30 Concert by Christian Picciotto GSP