Pellegrino by Ruben Monterosso and Federico Savonitto

Ruben Monterosso and Federico Savonitto, Pellegrino (2018), Italy, 70 minutes, Italian with English subtitles

Pellegrino is the tale of a place where the sacred and profane, nature and history coexist and exert a strong attraction.
The film follows the stories of people in the mountain – both regularly and occasionally – crossing the paths of artists, wanderers, naturalists, alchemists, and pilgrims of different ethnic backgrounds who, with a reason or a need, turn the mountain into their obsession, a reason for passing through it or the trace of an answer they are looking for.
It is a reflection on the sense of living in nature and the intimate relationship between people and places, especially when these places carry an ancient memory.

Ruben Monterosso (Brescia, 1985) and Federico Savonitto (Udine, 1981) first met during the three years of a documentary course of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Sicily. Since the beginning, they have collaborated in different projects such as the documentary La fine che non ho fatto (2011). By perfecting a narrative, directing, and cinematography style, they have achieved a complementary routine allowing them to face the complex reality of Palermo during the shooting of Pellegrino.

Thursday, 28 June 2018, at 8.30 pm (free entrance), the movie, Pellegrino, will be screened at the Teatro Garibaldi di Palermo. The movie will be introduced by Ruben Monterosso and Federico Savonitto.

With the support of Sicilia Film Commission.