Piazza Magione

Manifesta 12 Palermo, Piazza Magione, 2017. Photo by CAVE Studio

Along with Teatro Garibaldi, the nearby Piazza Magione will provide an extension of the activities launched by the theatre during summer months and will be used as an open-air stage for community-based projects, summer cinema and artistic intervention in public space.
The piazza, named after the homonymous Basilica La Magione on the south-east side of the square, is located in close proximity to Teatro Garibaldi. During the Arab dominance of Sicily, the square was reputedly a lush garden of the Fatimide dynasty. It was significantly damaged by World War 2 bombings, including a complete destruction of the square’s surrounding palazzos. In recent years, the City of Palermo has carried out renovations in Piazza Magione, including a new soccer field for the neighbourhood, and a central meadow with pedestrian pathways built on restored foundations of pre-existing buildings. Manifesta 12 will attempt to further contribute to the revitalisation of the square as a neighborhood meeting point, through temporary and long-term interventions.

Historical and architectural insights about Teatro Garibaldi and Piazza Magione were generously provided by Professors Giovanni Fatta, Tiziana Campisi and Calogero Vinci, author of “The Garibaldi Theatre in Palermo and the construction of minor historical theatres” (Department of Architecture of the University of Palermo).