Presentation of ‘City Scripts’

Photo Courtesy Fabio R. Lattuca

‘City Scripts’ is not just an artistic project. It takes form starting with a city, Palermo, made of space and time, and five narrators, three of which are single – Fulvio Abbate, Emma Dante and Giorgio Vasta – and two of which are plural, young people from twenty to twenty- five years of age, from Italy and Africa, who now live in the city. City Scripts is the description of five fragments of Palermo, five texts that will be made available as free podcasts, five ‘visions for listening’, five perceptions of the space of the city over time (past and future), five micro-narratives in which the wordscape mingles with the soundscape.

On Tuesday, 17 July 2018 at 9pm at Teatro Garibaldi di Palermo, Giorgio Vasta and the students and authors of ‘City Scripts’ will present their project and will tell how this has developed from the city itself, its layered histories and complex reality. During the event, it will also be possible to listen to some extracts of the podcasts that will be commented by the authors.

Author of the soundscape of ‘City Scripts’: Pietro Bonanno, Fabio R. Lattuca (VacuaMoenia) e Letizia Gullo.
Authors of 2 out of 5 texts of ‘City Scripts’: Angelica Cricchio, Mustapha Conteh, Andrea Mafrica, Bandiougou Diawara, Costanza La Bruna, Giulia Leoni, Toumani Diabate.

The event will be mainly in Italian. No tickets needed, but seats are limited.