The Planetary Garden.
Cultivating Coexistence

Public Programme

Manifesta 12 Public Programme comes to complete and integrate the main exhibition with a diverse array of events, ranging from talks, conferences, and workshops to screenings, live performances, concerts and public dinners. The Public Programme expands the field of reach of Manifesta 12, building up a space for participatory experimentation. The programme looks at the special geography of Palermo, and invites local citizens and travellers alike to meet, exchange, contribute and discuss ideas for life in the future city and the planetary garden at large.

The series of public events converges around three main moments, each addressing one of the questions identified in the biennial’s curatorial concept: Borderless takes in consideration questions of migrations and international mobility, Accountable Networks explores alternative scenarios of power distribution and questions of governance and democratic control, Interspecies addresses human responsibilities and shared endeavours of caring in the late-Anthropocene era.