Renato Leotta

Renato Leotta concentrates his research on the observation of landscape and architecture studying their possible narrations and psychological subtexts in which man is involved. His work focuses on Mediterranean area and particularly Italy as reference context for a direct studio about cultural and social drifts in the current process of neoliberal transformation. He has exhibited at Palazzo Fortuny, Venezia, MAC Sao Paulo, BOZAR Bruxelles, Le Magasin Grenoble. His upcoming solo exhibitions will be at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen.

Giardino (2018)
Mixed media installation

Notte di San Lorenzo is an environmental work that creates a relationship between a portion of the citrus garden and the space of a hall in Palazzo Butera. The two environments (respectively ideal and real) blend in a single mental landscape, generating a dialogue on the circumstances that connect time and space by means of gravity. The clay tiles installed on the room’s floor record the dropping of the lemons from the trees. The fruit, drawn to the ground by ripeness, weight or strong gusts of wind, forms a constellation of signs that bear witness to one phase in the life cycle of the garden. The floor, like the rest of the decorative architectural elements, underlines the relationship between ‘palace’ and ‘feud’.

Luce, a 16mm film, describes the features of the agricultural landscape through a gathering of notes.