Schools in Tandem

Manifesta 12 Schools in Tandem
Manifesta 12, Schools in Tandem © Paolo Castronovo


One year before Manifesta 12 opens in Palermo in 2018, our team is working hard to set the ground for a communal, collaborative and interdisciplinary biennial, focusing to create a long-term impact. Manifesta 12 Education team has been busy with research, visits and meetings with schools, associations and diverse people from different areas of Palermo.

As part of Manifesta 12 pre-biennial program,  our education team launched a collaborative project “Schools in Tandem” pairing 8 schools from 8 different neighborhoods in 4 tandems. Working with local artists and creatives, the tandems explored 4 different topics that have emerged from our education research: Sea, Playground, Mental Distance and Neighbours. The results of the projects were presented to the city of Palermo during Notte Bianca della Scuola on 26th of May 2017. You can still see the projects for one more month in our office at Church of SS Euno e Giuliano in Palermo.

Watch the video below for the highlights of the project.

Below, listen to the track realised on the occasion of the ‘Schools in Tandem #MentalDistance’ project by students of ICS Politeama in collaboration with Palermo-based rapper Christian Picciotto.