Special Tours | ZEN 2

Becoming Garden
Discover Coloco & Gilles Clément’s project, Becoming Garden (2018), at ZEN 2 with one of our Manifesta 12 Gardener.

Section: City on Stage

Coloco & Gilles Clément’s project presented at Manifesta 12, Becoming Garden, is a programme of meetings, workshops, and guided tours, to establish an ecological relationship of active exchange between citizens, gardens, and nature, and to develop collective thoughts that respond to a contemporary urgency to care for our own spaces. Each participant becomes a landscaper-gardener of space, and experiences the creation of favorable soil fertility conditions, reduction of waste of materials, and conservation of existing biodiversity.

Book Becoming Garden – Special Tour

Where: ZEN 2 neighborhood (via Primo Carnera)
When: every Thursday there is a Tour with a Manifesta 12 Gardener and a local guide to ZEN 2 from 04.00 to 06.00 pm.
How: Manifesta 12 arranges the taxi to get to ZEN 2 and back. The meeting point for the Special Tour is Manifesta 12 Ticket Office in Teatro Garibaldi.
Language: English with an introduction in Italian
Cost: The transfer cost for each Tour attendee is between € 10 – € 15 (depending on the total number of attendees).
Please make a donation to a local guide. Suggested contribution 2 – 5 euro (depending on the number of participants).
Bookings: The Tour has limited capacity; therefore, it must be booked within Wednesday at midnight (first come, first served) at Manifesta 12 Ticket Office at Teatro Garibaldi di Palermo or online here. Please note that bookings are on a weekly base; Special Tour attendees can book from Friday on for the next Becoming Garden – Special Tour with a Manifesta 12 Gardener.
Kindly note that each Tour attendee will be asked to leave a € 15 deposit* for the transfer to Manifesta 12 Ticket Office in Teatro Garibaldi.

For more information, please contact engage@manifesta.org or +39 335 87 99 834.

*If the transfer cost per person will be lower, Tour attendees will be refund of the amount paid in excess.