Special Tour at Pizzo Sella

Rotor, workshop at Pizzo Sella. Copyright Manifesta. Photo by CAVE Studio

A trip to the top. Da lassù è tutta un’altra cosa.
Discover Rotor’s project Da quassù è tutta un’altra cosa (2018) in Pizzo Sella with one of our Manifesta 12 Gardener.

Section: City on Stage

Da quassù è tutta un’altra cosa (2018) is inspired by Pizzo Sella, a place on the northern coast of Palermo with amazing views on the cliffs, sea, and city, offering new points of view on the relationship between man and landscape.
Forty years ago, a housing development project colonised Pizzo Sella, an hill in the north of Palermo. After hastily facilitated approvals of building permits, concrete pours, sales, aborted construction and endless lawsuits, the colonised hill of Pizzo Sella has now become a poster child of real estate corruption, and a frustrating blind spot in the Palermitan landscape. Yet hidden behind the housing complex traces of bygone paths lead to the ridge and the top of the hill, reconnecting the nature reserve. Close to the top, a remote concrete structure of the housing development becomes an observatory for a breathtaking panorama.

Book A trip to the top. Da lassù è tutta un’altra cosa – Special Tour with a Manifesta 12 Gardener

Where: Pizzo Sella
When: every Friday there is a Tour with a Manifesta 12 Gardener to Pizzo Sella from 18.00 to 20.00.
How: Manifesta 12 arranges the taxi to get to Pizzo Sella and back. The meeting point for the Special Tour is Manifesta 12 Ticket Office in Teatro Garibaldi di Palermo.
Language: Italian (upon request a brief summery in English is possible).
Cost: The transfer cost for each Tour attendee is between € 12 – € 20 (depending on the total number of attendees). Furthermore, a Manifesta 12 Ticket is needed.
Bookings: The tour has limited capacity; therefore, it must be booked within Thursday at midnight (first come, first served) at Manifesta 12 Ticket Office at Teatro Garibaldi or online here. Please note that bookings are on a weekly base; Special Tour attendees can book from Saturday on for the next A trip to the top. Da lassù è tutta un’altra cosa – Special Tour with a Manifesta 12 Gardener.
Kindly note that each tour attendee will be asked to leave a € 20 deposit* for the transfer to Manifesta 12 Ticket Office at Teatro Garibaldi.

For more information, please contact engage@manifesta.org or +39 335 87 99 834.

*If the transfer cost per person will be lower, tour attendees will be refund of the amount paid in excess.