Tania Bruguera

Tania Bruguera was born in Havana, Cuba in 1968 and is an interdisciplinary artist known for a practice that never strays far from activism. She considers art to be a both a physical and psychological experience, like a free space where possibilities exist but only in a specific stretch of time, in a given place, or for a particular group of people. Tania Bruguera has participated in Documenta 11 and various Biennials, such as the 49th and 51st Venice Biennale.

Article 11 (2018)
Mixed media

Not far from Niscemi, a town in south-east Sicily, the United States Navy has activated a new global communications system called MUOS (Mobile User Objective System) which uses a global provider to conduct remote warfare, coordinating and controlling drones and remotely piloted aircraft. In addition to its base in Sicily, the United States has established three other such bases in Hawaii, Australia, and Virginia. The decision to erect three enormous satellite dishes in Niscemi was fiercely contested by the local residents, who have fought against MUOS since 2009 due to the harmful effects of the antennae on their health and environment. The documents chosen by Tania Bruguera from the activists’ files tell the story of an ongoing battle. The project includes audio, video, and photographic documentation, organised in the form of an exhibition with the aim of giving the movement new visibility worldwide.