Free Tours For Schools

Fatimide Garden 2nd Workshop. Copyright Manifesta. Photo by Paolo Castronovo

Tours for schools are based on dialogue and idea exchange.

The group will be accompanied by a Manifesta 12 Gardener, who will share their knowledge about the background of the biennial, give insights, and discuss the emerging topics together with the group. As opposed to the traditional model of the guided tour, the approach of mediation instigates debate and intellectual discussion around the artwork from the visiting group. The mediator sets out to slow down the visitor in order for questions to arise, to gather responses, and be able to discuss varying opinions so that the groups own perceptions can evolve from the basis of collectively understanding the work. Tours for schools can include creative activities upon request.

Each tour lasts approximately one and a half hours and is dedicated to one of the main sections of The Planetary Garden. Cultivating Coexistence:  Garden of Flows, Out of Control Room, or City on StageThe tours include a selection of works that corresponded with the section you have chosen.

Please note:

  • The first 200 school groups are welcome to visit Manifesta 12 for free.
  • The entrance to Manifesta 12 for the participants of the school tours is free of charge.
  • Free tours for schools are available in Italian language only.

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