Un Grande Giardino

Un Grande Giardino con Orto Capovolto. Copyright Manifesta. Photo by Cave Studio

The Education Department has devised a programme for children and families in order to support Gilles Clement and Coloco’s artistic project in the neighbourhood of ZEN.

The first part of the programme is focused on the collective process of creating a new public garden in the neighbourhood. The aim of these workshops is to involve the local community from the beginning, building a sense of belonging towards the new garden, located in via Primo Carnera.

This spring, three workshops with three different collectives of artists and activists (Studio Pica, Orto Capovolto, and Teatro degli Spiriti), well-known for their participatory practices, will take place. The two starting points for the realisation of these workshops are: A Big Garden, an illustrated book by Gilles Clément and Vincent Gravé, and the garden itself.

Programme of the spring workshops:

curated by STUDIO PICA

The idea of this workshop is to create a path through art that helps children understand the garden as a ‘big green school.’ By using artisan techniques as engraving, printing, and collage, and taking inspiration from the art history and natural world, children create a collective garden and learn how to take care of it.

Studio Pica is an illustration, graphic design, independent publishing, and silk-screening printing project founded by artists, Luca John Nash and Jessica Adamo, in 2016.

PIANTALA! (April – May 2018)

During these workshops, Orto Capovolto will create a vegetable garden together with local families and young boys between 10 and 16 years-old. Through a series of activities, the collective shows the participants how to take care of the garden, the origin of the food we eat daily, and the multiculturalism of the local plants and vegetables.

Orto Capovolto is a social cooperative that encourages urban agriculture through workshops on food education and environmental issues.


Through puppet theatre, the company tells stories about Palermo to children between 10 and 16 years-old– from when it was a city-garden in the eleventh century to the most recent changes of the city due to the ‘Sacco di Palermo.’ All these stories will constitute the collective memory of the garden.

Compagnia Teatro degli Spiriti is a theatre company that has been working with children for years, mainly in the field of puppet theatre.

Workshops have been organised in collaboration with Punto Luce of Save the Children at ZEN 2.