Unending Lightning, 2015 – ongoing

Cristina Lucas, Unending Lightning, installation view at Casa del Mutilato. Copyright Manifesta. Photo by Wolfgang Traeger.

Cristina LucasUnending Lightning (2015 – ongoing), video installation

Section: Out of Control Room

The old dream of flying became a reality in 1903 (thanks to the lift formula L = (1/2) d v2 s CL). The first time two people could get on board was in 1909, and the first time an aerial bombardment took place was in 1911 during the Italo-Turkish War. Since then, the airstrikes have continued in an endless series. The most famous aerial bombing over a civilian settlement might be Guernica. Picasso revealed to the world the tragedy of the civilians killed in the bombing, in a work of art that has always been very moving. Unending Lightning, on view at Casa Del Mutilato, is a three-channel video installation that shows all aerial bombings over civilians. Who killed whom, how many civilian casualties there were, when and where, are the facts gathered in a database assembled by several research groups over the last five years.