Cinico TV by Daniele Ciprì and Franco Maresco

Daniele Ciprì and Franco Maresco, Cinico TV, Italy, 1989-92

On Thursday, 12 July 2018, and Friday, 13 July 2018, Manifesta 12 Film Programme will be dedicated to Cinico TV, a tv series realised by Daniele Ciprì and Franco Maresco in the 90’s. The screenings will take place at the Teatro Garibaldi di Palermo from 08.30 pm. The entrance is free, but seats are limited.

The selection for the first two evenings will include a series of episodes chronologically realised between 1989 and 1990.

Daniele Ciprì and Franco Maresco’s style has been characterised since the first episodes of Cinico TV by a strong black and white, a documentary and authorial point of view, and an unconventional and sarcastic use of the television codes, all of this accompanied by the unique voice off of Franco Maresco.
Each episode, or short video piece, tells the story of Palermo and its outskirts by embracing a distinct subproletarian Sicilian world, and outcasts hidden behind Palermo’s polished, conformist facade. Ciprì and Maresco represent their nonconformist heroes as their comrades, cocreators of strange, oddly beautiful yet bitterly satirical works distinctly separate from, and incompatible with, the aesthetic rules of the market and the mass media.

The next episodes of Cinico TV will be screened in a chronological order before the movies On Palermo, part of Manifesta 12 Film Programme.

Thursday, 12 July, at 8.30, Teatro Garibaldi di Palermo:
Episodes of the 1989, 1990 and 1991 of Cinico TV with the special feature, Illuminati, by Enrico Ghezzi.

Friday, 13 July, at 08.30 pm, Teatro Garibaldi di Palermo:
Episodes of the 1992.

The screenings are courtesy of the authors, Ila Palma Editoria e Cinema, and of the Cineteca di Bologna.