The Planetary Garden.
Cultivating Coexistence

Film Programme

On the Planetary Garden

The Manifesta 12 Palermo Film Programme proposes a cinematic reading of the central themes of the biennial through a selection of fictional and documentary movies that inform and enrich the overall narrative of the curatorial project. Each of the selected films explores one of the three interwoven themes of Manifesta 12 Palermo –BorderlessAccountable NetworksInterspecies – which echo the structure of the public programme at large.
The film programme spins a cinematic thread that supplements the exhibitions, performances and discussions of Manifesta 12. The language of cinema, and its shared immersive experience allows Manifesta 12 to address those issues crucial to the conceptualisation of the biennial from a more spontaneous and intuitive point of view.

On Circulations: explores the migratory movement, it declines the extension of the phenomenon, the causes and consequences of migration policies, the search for identity and freedom of migrant populations. Looking for future possibilities to shape the borderless world to come.

On Networks: the power structure of contemporaries states is manoeuvred by abstract forces, transnational private interests, algorithmic intelligence, ungovernable environmental processes. This section offers us the chance to investigate what space is nowadays left for collective and individual intervention in today’s regime of global flows.

 On Gardens: the idea of ‘the garden’ gains importance as a site in which humans negotiate their coexistence with other species. The programme explores interspecies politics and ways to tend the planetary garden.

On Palermo

Freely based on the Palermo Atlas, the film programme will reflect on the city as a place of social, cultural, and urban transformations, expanding Manifesta 12’s main narrative from a local perspective.
From the 1930s to today, a multitude of film productions – both Italian and international – have used Palermo as an open-air backdrop. Art films and B movies have transfigured the streets, piazzas, and buildings into film sets: together, these scenes form a dotted and complex mosaic of the whole city, from the historical centre to the periphery, from the coast to the hinterland. A fictional Palermo overlaps with the real one and cinema can be used to decode the complexity of the territory and the relations between its inhabitants.

In collaboration with the Sicilian Film Commission and the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Manifesta 12 Palermo invites local citizens and visitors of Manifesta 12 to a cinematic rediscovery of the city of Palermo.

On Palermo – Cinema in The Garden

A spontaneous Open Air Cinema takes shape in the garden designed by Coloco & Gilles Clément for Manifesta 12, in collaboration with ZEN Insieme and the inhabitants of the neighbourhood, every two weeks the garden will host evening screenings selected by the On Palermo section.

The screening sessions On the Planetary Garden and On Palermo are open and free for everyone, and some include introductions and Q&As. They take place with a weekly schedule at the Teatro Garibaldi di Palermo, Manifesta 12 headquarters, and during the summer also at the open-air cinema Arena La Sirenetta in Mondello (via Azalea). The film programme On Palermo will als be followed by debate and Q&A sessions

The Film programme is supported by In Between Art Film, Italy, Sicilia Film Commission, and Vidisquare.
The section On Palermo is developed in collaboration with Sicilia Film Commission, Filmoteca Regionale Siciliana, CR.icd Centro Regionale per l’Inventario, la Catalogazione e la Documentazione grafica, fotografica, aerofotogrammetrica, audiovisiva, and co-produced by In Between Art Film, Italy.
The screenings at the Arenal La Sirenetta are supported by Progetto di Riqualificazione Urbana Infrastrutture e Sicurezza della Città di Palermo.