Manifesta 12 Family Days | Episode 3 | 30 September

The future belongs to us

Sunday, 30 September 2018
time 03.00 – 06.30 pm
Orto Botanico di Palermo

‘Tomorrow’ is the third episode of the Family Days Programme that will focus on plant life, the culture of gardening and the coexistence with toxicity. Together we will work on optimistic and revolutionary ideas about the possible changes we aim for our ‘planetary garden’. The future belongs to us.

During the Family Day, children and their parents can participate in special activities realised by Manifesta 12 Gardeners together with some artists of Manifesta 12 as well as local collaborators. Finally, thanks to the Speedy Tours led by Manifesta 12 Gardeners, they will discover the artists, which have inspired the workshops, and assist the children in their artistic activities throughout the day.

The day will unfold through a series of workshops:


Glass bottles were left fluctuating in the sea with a message inside until they would have reached another shore: love, friendship, help. Using paint and brushes, we will use glass bottles to send a revolutionary message concerning our Planetary Garden we live in. See you in front of the Papaya greenhouse!
The workshop is inspired by the installation Lituation di Lungiswa Gqunta.


Through recycled plastic, cloths and ceramics, we will discover ‘new species’ of flowers that you will be able to donate to the people you love. They will fly over time as ‘messages in a bottle’.
The workshop is inspired by the installation New Herbs from Palermo and Surroundings. A Sicilian Expedition by Alberto Baraya.


Are you ready to get dirty and retrace the botanical expeditions? Here you are: Malin Franzèn, one of the artists of Manifesta 12, will lead a workshop to discover the old natural printing technique, just like the Sicilian botanist Paolo Boccone in the 17th century. The workshop is inspired by the installation Palermo Herbal and will be run by the artist herself, Malin Franzèn.

  • THE DROWNED WORLD curated by Palermo Scienza

Come to discover the fascinating world of archaebacteria and bacteria, the first forms of life in our Planetary Garden, able to survive to the most difficult environmental conditions. You will be able to observe and classify them, through interactions and antibody activities. The workshop is inspired by the project The Drowned World by Michael Wang.


Let’s start the green revolution ‘bombing’ our neighbour with seeds and love. Seed bombs are a beautiful and sustainable way to cultivate plants, through Guerrilla Gardening. The workshop is inspired by the installations Foreign Farmers by Leone Contini and Lituation by Lungiswa Gqunta and organised in collaboration with Orto Capovolto.

All activities of the Family Days as well as the entrance fee for Orto Botanico are included in the Family Local Season Pass (20 €, valid for two adults and a maximum of three children up to the age of 17, for the whole season) and in the Family-1-Day Ticket (30 €, valid for 2 adults and a maximum of 3 children up to the age of 17). The ticket can be purchased at the ticket office at Teatro Garibaldi or online: