Videomobile, 2018

MasbedoVideomobile (2018), multimedia installation
In collaboration with: Nicolò Scalzo, Claudio Concetto Torrisi (Archivio di Stato di Palermo – Filmoteca Regionale), Alessandro Rais (Sicilia Film Commission), Daniela Currò (Cineteca Nazionale di Roma)

Section: City on Stage

Videomobile is an old van transformed as a ‘video wagon’ that roams the locations of cinema of the past, investigating the Sicilian society and the history of the Palermo territory, with a particular accent on themes like power and its dynamics, the genius loci, and the struggle for ideals. The artists, always involved in the visual arts, have chosen to break down the complex language of cinema through the medium of video. Videomobile thus becomes a laboratory in motion that functions as a workspace but also as a stage for performances produced during Manifesta 12 in spaces like the Archivio di Stato, the Arena at Mondello and Teatro Garibaldi. When the van is parked, it becomes an interactive video installation with monitors and screens that form a narrative device.