Volpe Astuta

Volpe Astuta
via Micciulla, 1

The agricultural fund of about 2.5 hectares of the Mafia family of Inzerillo, was seized in 1980 and subsequently confiscated in 1983 by Giovanni Falcone. In 1997 the ownership of the property, located in the Altarello district of Baida, was transferred to the City of Palermo, which in 1999 assigned it to the A.G.E.S.C.I. Conca d’Oro area for the construction of a scout base. In addition to the historic citrus grove, within the base there are areas of great importance such as the “scirocco chamber” (whose origin dates back to the fifteenth century and which was used as a passive cooling architectural structure since the eighteenth century) and the qanat medieval Xibene, a water supply channel, part of the complex underground water network that carried the waters of the foothills towards the city.

Volpe Astuta is part of the section Garden of Flows of The Planetary Garden. Cultivating Coexistence and hosts an installation by Cooking Sections part of the project What is above is what is below.

It is possible to visit Volpe Astuta only by booking a private tour with one of the Manifesta 12 Gardeners. The tour includes also a visit to Chiesa di Santa Maria dello Spasimo and Giardino dei Giusti, where visitors can see the other two installations by Cooking Sections.

For further information or booking, please write to engage@manifesta.org or call at +39 335 879 9834.
We kindly ask visitors to book a tour at least 10 days in advance.