What Is Above Is What Is Below, 2018

Cooking SectionsWhat Is Above Is What Is Below (2018), installation, food performances
In collaboration with: Giuseppe Barbera, Antonio Motisi, Manfredi Leone, Valentina Mandalari (Università degli Studi di Palermo), Gaetano Cascino (Libera), Piero D’Angelo (Parco Uditore)

Section: Garden of Flows

Tunnelling and terracing the Sicilian landscape – to channel and retain water – has led to one of the largest agricultural engines in Europe. But control over water in Sicily also gave rise to the first extortion structures back in the nineteenth century. From the qanat tunnels to contemporary ad hoc pipes that bypass the city’s infrastructure, water and politics have developed hand in hand.
What would it mean to water without water as a form of emancipation from weather? In Pantelleria, circular dry masonry walls enclose single-tree gardens and without that the citrus trees inside would never bear fruit. A series of installations set a stage around trees in Palermo to envision how to water with stones, to flourish on dry waters. Throughout Manifesta12 a network of local food establishments offer a CLIMAVORE take-away meal using drought-resistant ingredients.

Collect your Secco al Sacco in one of the food shops listed below and sit by the trees located in one of the venus of the project: Chiesa di S. Maria dello Spasimo, Giardino dei Giusti and Volpe Astuta.

This is the list of places where to collect your Secco Al Sacco:

Azienda Agricola Orlando, via Alessandro Paternostro 14
Freschette, Piazzetta Monteleone, 5
Freschetta Caffè Riso, via Vittorio Emanuele, 365
Gelateria Al Cassaro via Vittorio Emanuele, 214
Pizzeria Arte e Tradizione, via Santa Teresa, 2
Pot Cucina&Bottega, via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 62
Schitto, via Santa Cecilia, 12